Pinewood Derby

The Pinewood Derby was invented by Don Murphy, who put on the first race in Manhattan Beach, California, in 1953.

Cars ready to go at top of track

Traditionally associated with Cub Scouts, it’s a design, make, and race experience for children and their parents. Each child receives a kit containing a block of pine, four wheels, four nails, and the rules, several weeks before the race.

Finished cars

In 2011 I decided to bring this experience to Bristol. I needed a six lane 32 foot track, regulation sized blocks of pine and identical sets of wheels and nails, race software to organise the heats, and a group of instantly competitive Dads. The last item was the easiest to source.

The cars are a blur as they race down the track

We held a race for Bristol South District Cubs in February 2012.

Cubs pose for the press with their cars

If you are interested in putting on a Pinewood Derby style event for your pack, club, pub, or company, please use the contact page to find out more.

Roger explains the race procedure



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